2013 A Look Back

Let me start with a big I’M SORRY! I know it has been forever since I posted last. With the holidays and things happening at work I just got distracted and lost motivation.

With that being said, this is won’t be the most thrilling post either… again, sorry… However I do have a delicious recipe for you coming very, very soon! (Hint, hint.. it is diet friendly)

Wow, it’s 2014 already! I can’t believe how fast the time went. 2013 was a year of change.

In January we moved into our house! The headache of home buying was finally behind us and we concentrated on decorating and really making the place feel like ours.

new house

February we celebrated Valentine’s day like movie stars and dinned at the Final Cut Steak House. Probably the most expensive meal we had all year, but definitely worth it.

In March, I undertook some new challenges at work and went back into video development. I toured professional studios and learned tips from the pros. Oh—and I also decided on bright coral accents for my living room – a very painstaking process.



The accents are Oreo approved!

April was a busy month. I turned 23 and cut my hair! For those of you who don’t know, I have had pretty long hair pretty much all my life. I wanted a change though, so I cut my hair into an angled bob. I loved it a first, but over time I started to miss long hair again. I know I‘m impossible…

We also went to visit my mom in VA. It was a fun birthday weekend full of great food, drinks, and relaxation. The most memorable part of the trip?—Dinner at the Melting Pot –YUM!

Melting Pot

Oh yeah… One more thing happened in April… I started this blog! At the end of the month – April 27th I wrote my first post about Linen Closet Organization.

In May, my mother got a new job and moved to Virginia Beach. It was a pretty hard adjustment at first, but I’m glad she is so happy there. Additionally, Nick and I went to Annapolis for his cousin’s wedding. What a beautiful and fun weekend!

Also – on the house front – We got pretty artistic this month- adding new paintings to both the kitchen and bathroom!

In June my work took center stage again. I attended leadership training at Antietam and focused on creating a new training course. The course that would later become the OFC, has been the biggest Distance Learning success at the ATC to date.

July was kicked off by the usual Capriolo 4th of July party. This is not your average 4th of July party with a box of firecrackers you purchase at Wal-Mart. Nick’s cousin goes all out spending 1000’s of dollars on top of the line fireworks and creates synchronized shows that last for hours.

In August we took a weeklong vacation to Virginia Beach. Oh course we stayed with my parents so we saved money big-time on the trip. I got a promotion, Nick turned 23, and he got a new job. Finally his days as a waiter were over.

In September we got budget savvy. We sat down and looked at all of our expenses the past months and saw just where we were wasting money. I also created a budget sheet for Nick to use that tracks our spending each month. I cannot tell you just how helpful this has been. We really have a good grasp on our money and know exactly where it is going.

In September we ate pretty well – We went apple picking and made apple turnovers, installed a bar, created the Hobo Sack, made an Ombre Cake, got fancy with a Carrot and Zucchini Tart, had the most wonderful pumpkin cookies, and ate my most popular (and most pinned) recipe to date – Skinny Spinach Soup.

Skinny Spinach Soup

Skinny Spinach Soup

September was also pretty bitter sweet – my parents sold their home here is WV. It is the only other house I have ever lived in and I still miss it sometimes…

My Childhood Home

My Childhood Home

In October we defeated the “Hair-tie” thief by installing a magnetic bobby pin and hair-tie holder. We also got fancy with our bubble baths. I discovered the most delicious carb bomb in the world, and in order to reconcile that delicious bread – I started drinking this smoothie every day.

We also celebrated our 1 year anniversary! ❤ ❤ ❤ We went to Dutch’s Daughter Restaurant in Frederick, MD and had a wonderful, romantic meal.

And, of course we had our first Halloween in our home together! I dressed up with Day of the Dead make-up and Nick was festive with a “Halloween Costume” shirt. We served pumpkin soup (fail), mummy hotdogs (delish!) apple teeth, and Owl Cakes (Cute!)

November, okay here is where I lost steam on the blog. We went on the Paleo diet (more on that later), work really picked up and then I had 2 – Nick had 3 – Thanksgivings. My parents came down and stayed with us over the holiday weekend and my mom, sister, and I tackled Black Friday.

December – What can I say, this month flew by! Between shopping, baking, and decorating I barely had any time to just relax. We had a wonderful holiday full of family, firsts, and new traditions.

Looking back over the year I am truly blessed to have been able to accomplish and do so many things. 2013 was defiantly a year of change – A new house, this blog, my parents moved – and my childhood home was sold – we experienced a change in our budget and how we look at our money, a new diet,  new opportunities at work, and new holiday traditions. So change was the word for 2013 – I wonder what 2014 will bring…


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